Why I love October

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I have to start by saying I can’t believe we are already in October. Where has the year gone?

I remember January. February as well because my baby started going to nursery school. Somewhere in June or July we had one week winter (I enjoy the winter, but somehow it just gets shorter and shorter). In September my baby turned one, and now we are halfway through October.

Soon the shopping centers will be filled with Christmas lights and carols, and then the new year will start again.

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I am not negative, but I realize that time is rushing by, so I want to stand still for a moment and think about October, and why I love it.

Firstly I wake up with cheerful chirping as the birds announce every new day. Although we are in a very hot heatwave, the rain started, leaving everything fresh and clean.

October is also the most beautiful month in Pretoria as the Jacaranda trees are in full bloom, leaving the streets purple and pretty.

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As the end of the year approaches, I try to slow down my everyday life, making a moment every day to remember.

Trying to break the afternoon rush between work and home, I pick up my baby and first stop at a park. Just to get out and breathe for ten or twenty minutes before going home.

I am trying to make little changes that will make a big difference, and to enjoy everyday life.

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