Thinking back… my mother’s parents

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Thinking back about my mother’s parents I have a lot of good memories. They were a bit younger than my father’s parents and lived in the big city.

I remember their first house had many rooms and a big kitchen. Outside was Bruno, the dog and a big avocado tree in which we played a lot.

We visited them sometimes for a week in the school holidays, and in that week we played putt-putt (that is one of my favorite memories!) and visited many museums and historical buildings. I remember hearing cars driving by at night, wondering where they were going (in the small town where I came from everything closed at sunset); and the water in the city tasted funny.

My twelfth birthday was also spent there. They arranged a big chocolate cake as a Netball field and put a cherry at the position I played. I will always remember that.

Their second house was a double story. By that time we moved to the city and spent more time there. My cousin stayed there the one holiday as well and I remember somersaulting down the stairs after bedtime. My sister and cousin was hesitant at first, putting all available pillows to soften the roll. Being the oldest I also had to be the bravest, so I removed all the pillows and rolled, stood up with a soft “ta-da”… and kept the pain to myself.

In that house we played many rounds of Rumikub and the card game Canasta. Although the table was usually surrounded by jokes, my sister always had the Jokers. We were trying to see where she hid it, but couldn’t find it.

The road from their home to their church was a wide, quiet road with palm trees and roses. Whenever we drove there it felt like holiday, and whenever we went over the train bridge I knew we were close to the church.

At church everything was different than we used to know. In our church we sang with an organ, but there they had a band…. and my grandfather played the Banjo. He loved music and if I close my eyes I can still see him sitting on the stage with the Banjo.accordion, thinking back mother's parent

My grandfather could play almost any musical instrument… piano, guitar, banjo, accordion… everything except the violin.

My grandmother is a small lady, standing up early every morning to do her exercise and fill in a crossword. She has a wide vocabulary.

People are important to her and she finds joy in being surrounded by family.

Some of my favorite memories of my mother’s parents is the love, laughter and unity of family; playing, eating, talking… together.

Do you have any family memories you want to share with us?

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