Thinking back… memories from books

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Thinking back... Memories from booksI enjoy reading, but more than that… I love books. The paper ones that you can open and page through. Ebooks are very convenient, many are free and easy to find, but I remember the days I packed a basket of books when going on holiday.

Recently I went to collect all the books we read as childrens from my parents. I was excited beyond words… all the memories with every book. I remember the stories, the pictures, the games my sister and I played in the books… an adventure hiding in every page.

I grew up in a very small town. In my mind I can still see the small library across the pharmacy with books everywhere… I can feel it, I can smell it… If we were not playing outside, that is where you could find us.

I realize times have changed. Our children can’t do many of the things we did, but I wish to pass this love for books down to my child.

Although he can’t read yet, he loves to page through. Few days back he chose “READ WITH ME STORIES”… a big book with many stories in. Wherever he opened I read the first few sentences before he turned the next few pages. Here is how the story turned out:

“What an untidy house it was. Everything in it was smaller than usual. And there seemed to be seven of EVERYTHING. Seven chairs. Seven beds. Seven spoons. Seven plates. Seven mugs. Seven of EVERYTHING… except tables. There was just one table.

Mother Duck had five broken eggshells, and five new ducklings. She had one egg which did not have a crack in it.

At last the egg hatched.

The little duckling looked down into the water.

A princess has been born in the palace.

“How many fairies live in the kingdom?” the Queen asked.
“Seven”, said the King.

Sixteen years passed. One day the Princess went for a walk.

A thick thorny hedge grew up around the palace and hid it.

The shoemaker took the finest, softest piece of leather he had, and made two pairs of tiny shoes.

The three little pigs were very excited. They walked together as far as the crossroads and there they parted. “Goodbye!” they called to one another.”Thinking back... Memories from books

Do you have a favorite reading-memory? Please share it with us.

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