Thinking back… my father’s parents

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Thinking back about my grandparents I realize how much I was blessed.

My father’s parents lived in a small little town. As far as I remember they lived in a one bedroom retirement house. It had a small open plan kitchen, a lounge, a short hallway with photos on the wall, a bathroom and a bedroom.

The following words were framed on the bedroom wall: “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” -Proverbs 15:1. I think about it often and pray for a soft answer in all life’s confrontations.

Whenever we visited them my mom would buy petunias and plant them in front of the house… my grandmother loved the colourful flowers. There were also a big tree which was the home of a family blue-headed agama lizards.

We loved to walk around and explore the grounds. I remember rolling down a big slope in front of one house. We were playing and laughing until one old lady came out and reprimanded us. We were very afraid of her and was convinced that she was a witch. When we were older we went back to look for the slope but couldn’t find it. My sister might still swear by it that the lady came out of the house with a hat, climbed on a broom and flew away!

Although I don’t remember many things about my grandfather, I remember the brown Mazda he drove. Whenever they came to visit us we would wait in anticipation until we see the Mazda entering the yard.

I can’t remember all the jokes he made, but I remember laughing for it.

I remember his one finger was shorter than the other, but it didn’t stop him from playing the harmonium (pump-organ). We sang many songs every time they visited, he could play anything. As a young man he played in a band and was very talented.HARMONIUM MEMORIES

The last thing I remember is that I knew he passed away before my parents told us, and I wish I remembered more of him.

My grandmother was a tall, beautiful, strong woman. If I could read anyone’s biography it would be hers… except that no one ever wrote it.

She was a hard-worker with a gentle-heart, always ready to serve others. If I think of her I can almost smell freshly baked rusks and ginger cookies. It was delicious.

I also remember that she loved all of us, but my sister was her favourite… maybe it is because they shared a name and birthday.

My grandmother survived a lifetime of struggle, but found her joy in giving. She was always ready to help others, not counting the cost.

When we visited my father’s parents we would take the train to the next station and my grandfather would drive next to the train to pick us up again. Between the visits we wrote letters to one another. I enjoyed writing the letters and waited excitedly for the return.

Thinking back about my father’s parents I remember love and laughter and I miss them a lot.

Do you have fond memories of your grandparents? Join me again next week as I think back and remember my mother’s parents.

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