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I want to introduce a part of my husband to you.

When I started the blog I decided not to give too much personal information due to cybercrime and privacy, but I can’t help but to share this.

Although my husband is in IT, he is an entertainer by heart. It is a skill he learned from his father. Sometimes it can drive me crazy (almost ;-)), but time after another it make someone’s day.

This weekend we went away for the first time with our baby. I had to work but managed to arrange to go home bit earlier than usual while my husband had leave and would sort things out.

When I arrived home there were few shops left to go to and we went together. The only things we needed were swimming nappies and bigger hat. It turned out the old one was already too small.

He was talking to all people we encountered (maybe I am a little bit dramatic here, but it certainly felt this way) and made jokes while I just wanted to finish, pack the car and be on our way.

In one of the shops he was making jokes again with the sales clerk. Before we left the clerk thanked my husband for making his day. While I was in too much a hurry to be super-friendly (I was still polite), that is exactly what that salesman needed that day… a super-friendly customer to make him smile.

At the tollgates he made them smile again, treating it as a drive-through or complimenting them.

You should also know that everyone does not always appreciate his jokes.

We were doing our monthly grocery shopping one day (yes I am very fortunate to have a husband who loves shopping and doesn’t mind going with me). He saw kreepy krauly pipes for the swimming pool. Did you know if you rotate it very quickly (like a fan) it makes a high-pitched whistle. So this is what he was doing in the shop. I reprimanded him.  “Come on, you can’t do that, and start giving him the reasons why not…”

So this other man came and laughed “Cool dude” and hi-fived him… until his wife saw him. She grabbed him by the arm dragging him away.

I think sometimes we need to learn to just let go and enjoy the moment.

I think my husband very rarely has a bad day. The reason is not because everything goes his way, he just decides to enjoy every day.Blog my husband the entertainer pinterest

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