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When my baby was born a year ago, I wanted to make him a “space capsule”, adding some things from his birth day (like a newspaper, some technology that will be long outdated by the time he is 18 and a letter for him).  As it turned out we didn’t buy a newspaper (I am saving a magazine from that month) and I never wrote the letter.  The idea was to keep it save and give it to him on his eighteenth birthday.  I never found time to write the letter before his birth and decided to do it today, one year later.

Here it is:

My dearest son

I believe all children are miracles and experienced it first-hand when we see you grew and developed inside me.  Week by week we read what was forming and for the first time I understood what David meant in Psalm 139, talking about God knitting us together in our mothers’ womb.

Since your birth I wanted to protect you from the outside world, yet we have very little control over life, and I have to trust God to take care of you.  He can do it so much better than me.  I ask Him to send His angels to protect you every day.

The greatest joy is to hold you in my arms.  Sometimes I just look down and smile while you sleep.  Sometimes I cry and thank God for this very precious present he gave us.

I know that our time together is borrowed.  Time passes quickly and you will grow up to be a man.  I will try to make the most of every moment together, to let you always feel safe and give you happy memories growing up.  I pray that one day you will be a man of God, standing up for what is right.  I pray for you to be uncorrupted by the world, standing strong in faith.  That is why we chose your specific name.  In the Bible God blessed your name with the promise that He will bless you with so much favour that you will be a blessing to others.

I know we will make mistakes.  Everyone does.  Please forgive us and know we are doing our best.  You will also make mistakes.  I pray for you to learn from your mistakes, and know that we will always love you.

There is no condition on our love.  God’s love is even greater!

I pray that you will have good friends, and that Jesus will be one of them.

I pray that you will find your true love on the right time, and for your heart to be protected from unnecessary hurt and pain.  I pray for your wife, that you will have unity in God.

I pray that you will make time to do what makes you happy.

I want you to experience joy and peace for every day.

I pray for you for good health: spirit, soul and body.

I pray for a relationship with Jesus.  We are lost without Him.

I want you to be loved, to know who you are.  I want you to know you are righteous in Jesus.

I want you to know in the end things work out the way they should, don’t always stress about the small stuff.

You need to spend time with the people you love, doing things that make you happy.

Enjoy every day, for time passes too quickly.

I will always love you.


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