14 thoughts on “My first big blogging mistake

  1. Ag shame you know we all make mistakes. But I think often in life you get what you pay for. If you have a free host there are always going to be drawbacks. I’m still sorry you had to find out that way though.

  2. Thinking back only two decades here …. I never blogged back then for anything more than for the need to write.

    My blog now and then is hugely different but the content is pretty much the same.

  3. I can relate to being overwhelmed with possibilities. I think my biggest mistake was chasing numbers. Instead of really focusing on the people who responded to my blog and reached out to me, I was so busy trying to get bigger numbers. Now I am focused on being the best writer and enjoying the process.

  4. My biggest mistake was not reading and researching enough before I started my blog and had it up and running. It took me a few very long months to change that. Now I can really focus on the content.

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