Letter to my mother

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A letter to my mother. www.mommakingmemories.comWhere do you start a letter to your mother? That is the woman who gave you life, a woman who will do anything for her children? Where do you start to thank her for everything she did?

Since I became a mother I could only start to understand the capacity and vulnerability of a mother’s heart, how much love it can hold while at the same time break into many pieces.

Sometimes words can be empty if it is not accompanied by an attitude of love and respect. I will never be able to fit everything I want to say to my mother into a letter, but I am going to try to say the most important thoughts and then live a life of gratitude and appreciation towards her.

Dear mom.

You are the strongest woman I know. You are always willing to help whenever we need you can.

I love you not only for the woman that you are (and the woman you helped me to become), but also for the mom that you are, and the grandmother to my sons.Your support and encouragement in our life are needed and much appreciated.

Thank you for everything you do for me. Even though I am a grown up and a mother myself, I still feel safe when you are around.

There are still so many things I wish to learn from you and I hope we will have enough time together to do so.

I wish you could see your beauty and worth. When people tell me I look like you I take it as a compliment and smile, hoping that I could get more of your strength as well. There are not enough words to describe my appreciation and love for you and everything you mean to us.

My prayer is that God blesses you every day for the rest of your life, that He will strengthen you and give you peace. May His goodness and mercy follow you wherever you go.

I love you.

With lots of hugs and kisses.

What does your mother mean to you that you would want to add to this letter?

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