In sickness and in health

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I will love you... in sickness and in health -

Today is our wedding anniversary. Eight years ago we said I do and promised to stand by one another… even in sickness and in health.

As you read a few weeks back I was very sick last year while being pregnant with Number One and ended up 29 days in hospital. It was a tough time for all our family and friends, especially my husband, who stood by my side. Luckily he was surrounded by supporting family and friends.


I have to start off and thank God for His grace. Without Him none of us would be able to go through troubled times. He gave us strength for every day.

Good friends

We have many friends and we have many good friends. Here are some examples of their support. One Sunday evening one couple arranged a babysitter for their children and drove 62 km to babysit Little Captain at the hospital cafeteria so that my husband could visit me. Another couple held a birthday party (after I was discharged) for our family for Little Captain as I missed his second birthday. There were other friends that came over to babysit at our house in visiting hours, bringing meat and lit up the fire for a barbecue while my husband visited me. Others invited him for dinner, just that he could get out of the house and relax a bit while the children played. There were also the friends that bought groceries and ready-made meals to make things easier on hubby while I was not at home. And a big thumbs up to all the friends who prayed for us, as well as all the phone calls and messages.


As far as family goes I can say I am very blessed to have a great close family (who also happens to live close by). My mother came every afternoon after work to visit me in hospital before she picked up Little Captain from the school. Then she (together with my father, brother and sister when they arrived home) would entertain him until hubby picked him up after the evening visiting hour. I applaud them all as I know it is not easy with a busy toddler in your house, especially if you are not used to it (all the energy, games and little bit of tantrums); and yet they didn’t complain and did it with love. My father-in-law was also babysitting a few times to give hubby a chance to visit me, and visited when he could; my sister-in-law stood by the word she received that we would be okay and visited whenever she had the chance. The encouragement and support between the families were amazing.


Then I have to come to my husband, standing strong through this difficult time. Between stress at work, a toddler not sleeping through at night and updating everyone, he still came to visit me at least once a day… more if he could over weekends. He was tired, not only physical but also emotional. The day he wanted to tell me to take deeper breaths was the day they phoned to inform him that they put me on a ventilator. His heart broke when the sisters told him that our baby might not survive if they give me the stronger medicine that I needed; and there might come a time that the doctors have to make that decision. One Saturday while he, Little Captain and our dog ate breakfast he wondered if that is the way it would be without me if I didn’t get better. He took many photos and videos of Little Captain to show me when he visited me. My husband showed a strength that I didn’t know exists.

Even in my four weeks recovering at home when I was still weak and on oxygen, he supported and encouraged me. He helped around the house without complain.

Let me go back to our anniversary. In the past eight years we had been better and worse, and we had been sick and in health. I think we had our fair share of bags of salt to go through and the only reason we could go through it is because we did it together.

Eight things to learn about my husband

There are some things we can all learn from my husband. Here are the top 8 things I learned about him in 8 years of marriage:

  1. As you might know, my husband is an entertainer by heart. He likes to make people laugh.
  2. There is no one I know with a purer heart than my husband. He believes the best in everyone and everything, and doesn’t speak ill of someone behind their back (I really don’t know how he does it).
  3. He is very honest and will tell you straight what he thinks if you ask him… so don’t ask him if a dress makes you look fat if you don’t want an honest answer.
  4. My husband has so much patience; even if he is struggling with something he will not get angry and try again.
  5. He is confident in who he is. His confidence was one of the first things that I liked about him when we first met.
  6. He is not afraid to ask for help.
  7. My husband also loves adventure. He likes to try out new things.
  8. He loves his children and is a good father.

There are many other good qualities of my husband, but this is him in a nutshell.

I look forward to the next eight years and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

Share with us the good characteristics of your partner. What can we learn from them?

I will love you for better or worse, in sickness and in health. -


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Sharing is caring
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17 thoughts on “In sickness and in health

  1. That’s beautiful! Life some times gets in the way of life. Sad but true. I can relate to a husband that has so much patience. Sometimes I feel guilty because I wish I had some.

  2. That’s beautiful! Life some times gets in the way of life. Sad but true. I can relate to a husband that has so much patience. Sometimes I feel guilty because I wish I had some.

  3. Your post is so endearing and has gratitude oozing out of it. Being married isn’t easy, but having the right partner makes it wonderful to handle. My hubby has the most amazing patience and gentleness and yet is incredibly strong and confrontational. I’ve learned to take time to listen and process before responding in my hot headed manner. So much more to learn #12yearsmarried #9.4.05

  4. Often the difficult times draw us closer to God and our loved ones. Appreciate every day and all our blessings. While I read this post I was grateful for all the support people in your life!

  5. Your blog reminds me of my family! Mine is a typical Indian joint family setup where each family member cares for each other as his own and make little sacrifices to keep the other one comfortable!
    I loved your blog and it has reminded me to thank God for giving me beautiful family!

    1. It is a pity that we sometimes take each other for granted, but good to know there is someone when you need them. In today’s time it is a priviledge to have a people willing to make those sacrifices for one another. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your family!

  6. Rolene, your post is so hopeful and encouraging. I’m grateful for your husband’s Christ-like example and the example that your godly marriage is in a generation where Christian marriage is mocked and scorned. Marriage is wonderful, beautiful, and holy. Christ designed marriage to represent His relationship to the church. I pray that others are pointed back to Christ when they learn that Christ is the author of the marital love and relationship that you and your hubby enjoy. Also, I’m rejoicing because of your miraculous healing. Glory to God. Amen!

  7. Blessed Anniversary to you and to your loving Hubby! It is indeed in the most difficult times we sense the love from our dear and near ones, and I praise God for blessing you with such an amazing husband who stood by you. May you be blessed with 88 more years 🙂


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