French Fridays – View from the Eiffel Tower at night

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Eiffel Tower at night.

DAY 9 Monday

I could not believe my first week in Paris is over when I woke up. Time really flies by when you are having fun!

I almost forgot to tell you about our shopping spree at Lafayette, it was enormous. Inside it looked like a cathedral or museum… that is if you could look past all the people. There was a sale going on so it was very busy. We quickly walked through every level. If you go on the roof you have a view of everything… the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, Sacré Couer, Arc de Triomphe. It was breathtaking!

It was rainy and cool again. I started on one of the islands and walked through all the little souvenir-shops. There were so many beautiful things: puzzles, salt and pepper pots, cups and saucers, magnets, key-rings, bookmarks… you can find anything with the Eiffel tower on.

I decided to start my shopping, made a list of everything and their prices and went back to shopping. I don’t enjoy everyday shopping (mostly any shopping), but this was the exception.

There was a violinist on the bridge between the two islands. There were musicians everywhere (on the stations, trains, bridges) playing anything (accordion, violin, flute…). I also encountered many people asking for money. They distributed a paper with writing on and collected it afterwards expecting money. The only thing I understood was the “merci beaucoup” at the bottom.

The last thing we did for the day was laundry. There was a little laundromat close to the hotel.

DAY 10 Tuesday

I did my last shopping when the rain forced me to discover new shops. Curiosity also motivated me to look closer at the toilets at the streets. A friend who has been to Paris before told me about it and I wanted to see how it worked. Apparently the whole room is washed and disinfected once you exit.

I went back to the hotel early to dress a bit warmer. I was entertained by a guy on the train. It looked as if he slept with open eyes and didn’t even blink.

We went to Montmarte after work to see the highest building in Paris and went to the Eiffel Tower again. Some nice conversation with Italians behind us made the time in the queue seemed shorter.

Highest building in Paris. Highest building in Paris.

The view from the Eiffel Tower at night is just as spectacular as during the day! At 22h00 we saw the lights on the second floor, and 23h00 from the top. The lights were so bright from close by.

Eiffel tower in Paris. Eiffel Tower in Paris.  View from the Eiffel Tower at night. View from the Eiffel tower at night. View from the Eiffel tower at night. View from the Eiffel tower at night. www.mommakingmemories.comEiffel tower in Paris.

We bought a sandwich on a station on our way back. When we returned to Cergy they were just busy to close the station… we made it just in time… again.

Do you enjoy high buildings and the views from there?
Did you ever had an encounter where you got to your transport just in time?

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