French Fridays – Familiar Faces

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French fridaysDAY 6 – Friday

I woke up very excited. I was very fortunate to meet some family in Paris today. My mom, grandmother, aunt and cousin went on a tour through Europe and their time in Paris was overlapping mine. 

Meeting my family

When my mom let me know they are in the city I was still on the train into town. Their group would be at 11:00 at the Louvre and I would join them there. After considering all my options, I decided to try out a new station at the Louvre (by saying “new” I mean new to me… a very daring decision as I tend to get lost quite easily… but I was feeling brave with my map and compass).

Joining their tour

When I climbed off the train I was so confused. There were shops, an entrance to the Louvre, but when I saw the “Sortie” (exit) sign I ran up the stairs. I was looking around at the pyramid for them, knowing my mom had on a red jacket and the other three black, but didn’t see them. I was looking through the buses, panicking, but to no avail. Just then I received the message saying they are at the entrance next to a specific shop. I ran down like a crazy chicken and was very relieved when I saw them standing there! If I didn’t climbed off that new station I would never knew about the shop they were or found them in time.

My mom gave her earphone for me so I could hear the tour-guide as well and it was very interesting to get all the “behind the scene” information. She gave a lot of information about Leonardo da Vinci and his paintings. She also talked about the WEDDING OF KANA where Jesus changed water into wine and of the CORONATION OF AN EMPEROR (by Louis David) where Napoleon crowned himself. There are two paintings like this, in the Louvre and the other one at Versailles. The only difference is the color of the dress the girl is wearing, at the Louvre it is white and at Versailles pink, interesting facts that I wouldn’t know if I went in by myself.

It was good seeing the familiar faces of my family, but it felt weird because we couldn’t talk too much.

Exploring Paris together

They were off for the rest of the day to do what they want to and we decided to go up the Eiffel Tower. As it was too far to walk, we tried out my Metro-knowledge and experience. They also gained some experience in London and we bought tickets, changed trains at a station and arrived at the Eiffel Tower quickly, as confident as locals.

Eiffel Tower

We were laughing and talking and time flew by. At first we stood in the queue for the stairs, but then found the one for the lift. In the lift I was wondering if it is my legs shaking or the lift, we quickly changed lifts from level 2, but we arrived to the top safe and sound.

We were 317m high and view from there was breathtaking! You could see roads coming together at the Arc the Triomphe, the rivers, the buildings. Everything looked so small. Everyone took photos (and walked in front of other people taking photos, pushing each other), but no photo can show the beauty of it. My cousin and I almost stayed behind, but luckily I had training for a week from Parisians in the art of pushing your way open.

View from the eiffel tower View from the eiffel tower View from the eiffel tower View from the eiffel tower View from the eiffel tower view from the eiffel tower View from the eiffel tower view from the eiffel tower view from the eiffel tower

Saying goodbye

Our next stop was the Arc de Triomphe where everyone from the tour met each other. We bought a quiche at a station and ate while waiting for the bus. Many of the people of the tour group said I look a lot like my mother, I took it as a big compliment as my mom is very beautiful.

I watched them driving away and I felt very lonely… I missed everyone at home.

When my husband arrived in Paris after work we went to visit my family at the hotel. We planned the evening carefully, we had so much to do in so little time.

Some exploring… again

We went to Sacrè Couer, then to Notre Dame. This time we could quickly enter but couldn’t go to the front to see the window. We had some delicious ice cream and then went to Moulin Rouge to see the windmill at night.

Back at their hotel we quickly went up to see their view of the Eiffel Tower. We wanted to wait for midnight to see the lights but my mom thought me might not get a train back to our hotel… and she was right!

At the first train station we saw we missed the last train by 8 minutes! While running to the next stop I thought we could enter the TV show “Amazing Race”. We calculated the shortest route, found a train just in time and an hour later arrived at our hotel.

Back at the Hotel

I was cold and tired, but it was worth it! I enjoyed every moment of that day.

Although my day was filled with many beautiful places and memories, the highlight of the day was spending it with loved ones.

Did you ever had a magical day with loved ones? Tell me about it.
Join me as I explore Paris with some familiar faces.
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9 thoughts on “French Fridays – Familiar Faces

  1. Great pictures and info. I was in Paris 5 years ago, but I want to come back, this time taking my parents with me, as they have never been and I know they wish it.
    Glad to see you share your travels woth family as well.
    I first took them outside our country Romania in December 2015, to N of Italy whoch is so beautiful also. I have written about it in my travel corner as well, i ll be more than happy of you checked it out.

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