French Fridays – Buying paintings and a lazy afternoon

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Buying paintings and enjoying a lazy afternoon in Paris. www.mommakingmemories.comDAY 11 Wednesday

My mission for the day was to buy paintings. My first stop was a little shop close to the Notre Dame. After that I walked over the bridge where I saw artists the previous week, but no one was there. I went to Musée d’Orsay where I saw beautiful painting earlier the week, but there was no one as well.

Buying paintings

I walked around a bit until I saw Jacques (that is the name on the paintings). He sold his paintings for cheaper than the other people and when he heard I was from South Africa he gave me a special prize for a big one and a small one. Choosing one painting from so many beautiful masterpieces was very difficult and I decided on one of the Notre Dame from the back. The small painting was a very typical Paris painting with the Eiffel Tower in the back, painted in blue and white.

Sometimes things are easier for me if I only have a choice between two things, but if you give me too many things to choose from I will wonder if I made the correct choice… and that is what I did on my way back to the hotel.

A lazy afternoon

We went to the Jardin Luxembourg the afternoon. The gardens were beautiful, more what I expected the Jardin de Tuilleries to be like, with all the green grass. There was a pond where children played with little boats. There was a mother duck with her ducklings swimming peacefully until a little boy spotted them. He ran all around the pond trying to catch the ducks swimming between the boats. Unfortunately for one duckling the little boy was successful and he was out of the water before he knew it. Luckily the boy returned it unharmed after a while.

Luxembourg gardens in Paris. Lazy afternoon in Paris.  Luxembourg gardens in Paris. Ducks and a lazy afternoon in Paris. www.mommakingmemories.comCute duckling. Statue in Paris.

After that we just walked around a bit, watching the buildings and people before returning to the hotel.

Pantheon in Paris. Buildings in Paris.

Although there were no rush to see something specific, I enjoyed the peace and slow pace of the day. I will come back to the Pantheon tomorrow to see everything it has to offer from the inside.

Do you enjoy a lazy afternoon or do you keep pushing to do one more thing?

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