French Fridays – Another day exploring Paris on foot

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Another day exploring Paris on foot. www.mommakingmemories.comDAY 13 Friday

I don’t know if you remember my first day alone in Paris, but I spent most of my exploring Paris on foot… today was another day like that. It was almost as if I needed to complete the circle before going home.

I was still wondering if I chose the best painting. It seemed to me as if there was an open space, as if something is missing; so I decided to search for the place where it was painted. I started early walking down the Seine. I walked far, but found it… big tree on the left and an open space on the right. I took some photos and felt better about my painting. It was perfect and just the way it should be!

Painting of the Notre Dame by Jacques.
Painted by Jacques

Notre Dame in Paris.

It was a lovely sunny day and I spent most of the day walking around. I was a proper tourist and took photos of everything I saw… I enjoyed it so much.Parks in Paris. Notre Dame in Paris. Notre Dame in Paris. Notre Dame in Paris. Beautiful buildings in Paris Beautiful buildings in Paris. Beautiful buildings in Paris. Louvre in Paris.  Louvre in Paris.  Louvre in Paris.  We went to Place la Tetre in the afternoon. It is close to the Sacré Couer and we walked the longer route to see a graveyard. We saw this beautiful church and went in first to take some photos.

Beautiful building in Paris. www.mommakingmemories.comBeautiful window in Paris.

There were many artists painting people while they wait. I enjoyed it thoroughly; there were so many people with great talent. One guy cut out your profile on a paper in less than a minute; he did it for 45 years already. I took many photos but don’t want to put photos of other people on the internet without permission (I want to respect the privacy of other people as well).

Sacre Couer in Paris. Interesting building in Paris.

Do you like travelling? Do you take many photos when you go somewhere?

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Exploring Paris on foot. Louvre.
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