My experience with the Baby Throne

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My experience with the BabyThrone.

This is not a sponsored post or a review… merely the experience of one mom whose husband insisted to buy the baby throne 3 years ago. My only disclaimer is that I will be talking about baby poop.

Few months before Little Captain was born we went to a Baby Expo. Within the first 20 minutes my hubby bought the Baby Throne (15 of those 20 minutes were spent talking to the saleswoman… she was also the developer of the product).

What is the Baby Throne?

So the Baby Throne was developed by an engineer-mom and is in the squat position to enable bowel movement. There are 3 stages and apparently you can start your baby on there at 4 four months when they can sit up.

I rolled my eyes that day for hubby as it was expensive but he insisted on buying it (up to now it was the only thing he insisted on for any of the babies… oh yea and the gas mask when he needs to change a nappy). I rolled my eyes again every time I read a review about it (sorry Maz, Mandy and Zoe) as my 2 and a half year old are still on nappies (please don’t stop reading now).

Little Captain

For Little Captain I used it as a bumbo chair and didn’t see a difference as every nappy was a dirty one. We stopped using it after a while until he was bigger. We skipped the second stage as I don’t want to clean up the potty every time so we put it on the toilet very soon. That was another thing the lady said when hubby bought it: “you don’t want to potty train your child, you want to toilet train him”… that actually made sense to me.

Little Captain is two and a half and still not toilet trained. At school he goes without a nappy during the day, but we are not consistent putting him on the throne frequently over weekends… we have to work on that. In the week I make sure to put him on after school and we try again before he goes to bed.

Number One

Number One was a different case. At only 3 months I put him on for the first time. The reason was that we struggled with his tummy for weeks. I know they say you can have 10 dirty nappies in a day or one in 10 days for breast-babies. I got so angry, because we started with 10 dirty nappies a day to suddenly nothing. After 2 days he was crying the whole time and was very uncomfortable. We gave gripe water and changed to something stronger 3 times a day. I massaged (there are many baby massage videos on YouTube) and rode bicycle with his legs. I gave extra water (apparently not necessary for breast babies), and still had to turn to the suppositories every few days (another thing you shouldn’t do often as you only treat the symptoms and not the problem).

One day I thought about the Baby Throne, ignored it until another thought came into my head much later that day. I put Number One on and after a few minutes… voila! Maybe it was the medicine or water, but maybe they all had a point in the Baby Throne. I continued to put him on at least once a day for the past few weeks and no more strong medicine or suppositories. He might still get gripe water once a day, but his tummy is so much better.


I did not receive the Baby Throne for free nor get any payment for this post; this is merely my experience about this product. I also don’t receive any money when you buy one, but you can check out their website if you are interested.

What other tips do you have for a baby with tummy problems? Did you every try the Baby Throne? At what age did you start to potty train?

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2 thoughts on “My experience with the Baby Throne

  1. Carter has been potty trained since 20/21 months and his little legs are too short to reach the kids step stool. I need to check this out to see if it would help us!

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