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What I love about winter

I realize not everyone likes winter. As a child I read a book about a poor little girl. One scene is set where she and her cat sat on the windowsill in the sun on one winter’s day. I have this image in my head when I think about winter: tranquil and peaceful. Another image I have is the family together in front of the fireplace with flames dancing in the cold. Continue reading What I love about winter

Motivation in May

Motivation in May. www.mommakingmemories.comMay was a bit more difficult for me than the previous 4 months of 2017. As you know we received our Number One in January so in May it was time for me to go back to work. To add up to that winter is slowly crawling closer. Although the days are still sunny and (mostly) hot, the mornings and nights are cool. Continue reading Motivation in May

Blogging accomplishments in April

Check out my blogging accomplishments in April.

My initial title for this post was blogging adventures in April, but I changed it to accomplishments. I guess the little accomplishments along the way are part of the adventure.

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Back to Blogging

Back to blogging

Ten months ago I decided to take a break from my blog. I just found out I was pregnant and I felt constantly tired and nauseous. I also had some other trouble with my health.

My life was one big rollercoaster these past few months and I decided that it is time to blog again, partly to process everything, but also to bring hope to someone else. Continue reading Back to Blogging

Amazing April

Another month flew by… April… it was a busy month, but it was amazing.

My husband took me for a movie and coffee without our 19 month old toddler. We bought him some animals before the time and this is how our coffee-date turned out:

Fun with animals.

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