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Thomas and Friends: Fun facts and lessons learned

Thomas the tank engineRecently Little Captain started to watch Thomas and friends. I never watched it as a child so maybe I can say we started to watch Thomas. As Little Captain enjoyed the series a lot, we threw him a Thomas birthday party… but back to Thomas. There are a few interesting things that caught my attention as I read up on Thomas and friends. Join me to find few fun facts about Thomas and Friends; and to learn some valuable lessons from them. Continue reading Thomas and Friends: Fun facts and lessons learned

8 Advantages of my children’s crèche

Advantages of our creche. www.mommakingmemories.comBoth Little Captain and Number One started going to a crèche on four and a half months. I had to go back to work and due to many reasons we decided against a nanny at home. Continue reading 8 Advantages of my children’s crèche

My experience with the Baby Throne

My experience with the BabyThrone.

This is not a sponsored post or a review… merely the experience of one mom whose husband insisted to buy the baby throne 3 years ago. My only disclaimer is that I will be talking about baby poop.

Few months before Little Captain was born we went to a Baby Expo. Within the first 20 minutes my hubby bought the Baby Throne (15 of those 20 minutes were spent talking to the saleswoman… she was also the developer of the product).
Continue reading My experience with the Baby Throne

Letter to my mother

A letter to my mother. www.mommakingmemories.comWhere do you start a letter to your mother? That is the woman who gave you life, a woman who will do anything for her children? Where do you start to thank her for everything she did?

Since I became a mother I could only start to understand the capacity and vulnerability of a mother’s heart, how much love it can hold while at the same time break into many pieces. Continue reading Letter to my mother