A little miracle in my everyday life

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If you know my history with cars you will understand my reference to my big white car. We had to take our big white car in for repairs. The radiator had a hole in and I had to check the temperature often to make sure it is not overheating when I drive.

I dropped off my husband at the radiator garage and drove back alone in our old green car (not as old as the big white car but still about 17 years old).

As I drove through the city there were cars everywhere… taxis and people walking, definitely not a place I feel safe driving alone. At one traffic light a police man came to me, I opened the window and he told me the car was overheating… and then I saw the red light on the dashboard and the steam coming from the engine!

I was looking for a garage or any place to stop but there were none available, so I decided to switch off the car at the traffic lights and then start it again when I can go (apparently it doesn’t make a big difference, but I was desperate). I started to panic and as I switched the car off I said “Jesus, help me!”.

As I switched the car back on the steam stopped and the temperature was back to normal. I could drive safely to our house.

We still need to fix the car, but at that moment God helped me with what I needed most… to get home safely.

I realised that I believe all the “big stuff” about Jesus… That He was born as a human and died on a cross for my sins and sickness. I believe anything is possible for Him and that He loves me unconditionally. I believe He provides and protects me… but I sometimes forget that He is doing it for me every day.

Although I still have many questions and don’t understand everything, this was a reminder for me to know He hears us when we call to Him, not because we deserve it, but because His grace is sufficient.

I hope this small miracle encourages you to know you are not alone in your everyday life. The Word says if we call to him, He will answer.

I can agree with David when he said in Psalm 145:18-19
“The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him sincerely and in truth. He will fulfill the desires of those who reverently and worshipfully fear Him; He also will hear their cry and will save them.”

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