8 Advantages of my children’s crèche

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Advantages of our creche. www.mommakingmemories.comBoth Little Captain and Number One started going to a crèche on four and a half months. I had to go back to work and due to many reasons we decided against a nanny at home.


We all know about the disadvantages of a crèche and all the babies’ germs concentrated in one space. In his first seven months at the crèche Little Captain had tonsillitis three times, ear infection twice, pneumonia and the last one was rosaelle (better known as baby measles).

Every time I went to the doctor he said: “If you don’t want your child to be sick don’t send him to school.”


As my children have no other choice, I decided to look for the positive things, because nothing is only bad.

Here is my list of the good things about the crèche where my children are:
  1. Socializing with other babies. The first time we had friends over (their baby is three months older than ours) it was so nice to see the babies interacting, looking at one another and touching each other’s hands.
  2. Correct stimulation. It is very important for the school we chose to give the babies correct stimulation. They have baby massage and other extra-curricular activities when the children are bigger.
  3. Mother’s day present. I received a mother’s day present from the school. The daddies had to send money in an envelope, but it was still nice.
  4. Father’s day present. Yes, we had to pay for it again, but it still was a nice “surprise” for daddy.
  5. A birthday crown. I know we can make one self, but I appreciate their effort to make the day special. It took me back to my kindergarten years.
  6. More equipment and toys. They have a bigger variety of toys and equipment available for the children to play with.
  7. Balanced meals. The crèche prepare their own food for the children to ensure they receive well-balanced, healthy meals every day.
  8. Immune system. Although he gets more germs at a younger age, I believe his immune system is getting stronger every time. Little Captain’s second year was much better and he was hardly sick.

If we could afford it, my first choice would be to look after my own children and maybe home-school when they are older, but I think we can make the most with what we have and look at the bright side of things. It is hard for me dropping of my 5 month old baby for someone else to look after, but if I look back to our journey with Little Captain since he started at the crèche more than 2 years ago, I can see he is happy, playing and learning with his friends.

Are you a working mother? Who is looking after your children when you are at work?

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8 Advantages of our children's cheche. www.mommakingmemories.com
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