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Old green car

Life consists of many memories, incidents that take place at a specific time and space. Some things that happen are big and have a huge impact in our lives. Others are small and almost insignificant, but if you look back at that moment you realize that there were people willing to help you with you little problem. Let me share one of our insignificant incidents with you. Continue reading Old green car

Thomas and Friends: Fun facts and lessons learned

Thomas the tank engineRecently Little Captain started to watch Thomas and friends. I never watched it as a child so maybe I can say we started to watch Thomas. As Little Captain enjoyed the series a lot, we threw him a Thomas birthday party… but back to Thomas. There are a few interesting things that caught my attention as I read up on Thomas and friends. Join me to find few fun facts about Thomas and Friends; and to learn some valuable lessons from them. Continue reading Thomas and Friends: Fun facts and lessons learned