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Blogging accomplishments in April

Check out my blogging accomplishments in April.

My initial title for this post was blogging adventures in April, but I changed it to accomplishments. I guess the little accomplishments along the way are part of the adventure.

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The Greatest Love Story

The Greatest Love Story. - www.mommakingmemories.comI have to start off by saying that although we love the atmosphere of the festive season, we don’t do Christmas… or Easter. In our opinion (it may be different than yours, I realize that and respect your opinion) it is man-made celebrations to make money and keep our eyes off the bigger picture. The Tooth Fairy and Halloween is also not welcome in our house, together with Valentine’s day, Mother’s day and Father’s day. Continue reading The Greatest Love Story

In sickness and in health

I will love you... in sickness and in health -

Today is our wedding anniversary. Eight years ago we said I do and promised to stand by one another… even in sickness and in health.

As you read a few weeks back I was very sick last year while being pregnant with Number One and ended up 29 days in hospital. It was a tough time for all our family and friends, especially my husband, who stood by my side. Luckily he was surrounded by supporting family and friends. Continue reading In sickness and in health

French Fridays – Familiar Faces

French fridaysDAY 6 – Friday

I woke up very excited. I was very fortunate to meet some family in Paris today. My mom, grandmother, aunt and cousin went on a tour through Europe and their time in Paris was overlapping mine.  Continue reading French Fridays – Familiar Faces