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French Fridays – More museums

DAY 5 – Thursday

I had to go to as many museums as possible to get my money’s worth with the museum card.

I started to get more comfortable with the Metro system and changed a few trains to the Pompidou area. As I exited there were so many directions with things to see and decided to start with Picasso museum. I struggled a little bit to find the place (yes, with a map and compass! 🙂 ), but it was a beautiful walk there. Continue reading French Fridays – More museums

French Fridays – A quick trip in Montmarte

DAY 4 – Wednesday


Montmarte is a large hill in Paris, it is also the place where you can find the magnificent Sacre Couer.

Yesterday I went museum-hunting so, when my husband arrived we went to Montmarte. We talked about the movies Amélie and Moulin Rouge, as we went to see the Moulin Rouge as well. I enjoyed seeing the places in real life.

Sacre Couer. Montmarte. Paris Continue reading French Fridays – A quick trip in Montmarte

Amazing April

Another month flew by… April… it was a busy month, but it was amazing.

My husband took me for a movie and coffee without our 19 month old toddler. We bought him some animals before the time and this is how our coffee-date turned out:

Fun with animals.

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