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Joy in January

joy in january

2015 went by in a flash, Christmas is just a memory; and with good intentions I made my New year’s resolutions.

I was looking forward to the new year, a new beginning with new challenges and joys… and then life happened. Before I continue I have to admit it was not big life-threatening challenges, but the emotional ones, making you wonder if you are good enough, if you should continue this adventure you undertook. Continue reading Joy in January

Life lessons I learned from blogging

Life lessons I learned from blogging

Although there are many things involved when blogging, there are two main components: writing and personal experience / opinion.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a blog as  “a Web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences”. Continue reading Life lessons I learned from blogging

Guest post for SA mom blogs – Being a mom

I recently wrote a post for SA mom blogs called Being a mom.

Unfortunately there were some misinterpretation and it started a mini-twitter-war on the correct definition of a mother. Continue reading Guest post for SA mom blogs – Being a mom

Thunder and Grace

thunder and grace FB

I woke up one night when our dog tried to hide between my bed and night stand. He got stuck in my phone cable and everything fell to the ground. It was raining with hard thunder and lightning; and he was afraid.

I listened to the thunder and rain, washing through the sky like waves, over and over. Continue reading Thunder and Grace

To all bloggers

To all bloggers fb

When I started to blog it was primarily to follow my dream to write.

I enjoy every moment of writing, although I don’t always understand all the technical stuff.

I never thought I would meet such a group of inspiring people in this adventure I started. It is an adventure of planning, blogging, SEOs, plugins, photography, designing, googling… and meeting awesome people. Continue reading To all bloggers