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welcome back.Welcome back! I actually want to say whale-come back after our recent experience at sea.

In surviving all the busy-ness and chaos called “life”, we went away for a week on holiday. It was the boys’ first time at the sea and we enjoyed it a lot.
Little Captain was very excited to go to the sea, but after spending 9 hours on the road we went to the sea where Little Captain remarked “okay, we can go home again now.” We went to the beach every morning and the sand and sea quickly grew on him. We played, laughed and had a good time.

We went to the marine world one day and he enjoyed the dolphins and seals a lot, but the sharks were his favorite.

Our daily entertainment was some whales in the distance that we saw from our balcony. What a blessing!

Sadly it came to an end (like all things) and we had to pack and come home again.

Little Captain had an amazing new experience with many new memories. Number One might be a bit too small to share the memories, but as far as he is concerned he spent a lovely week with his family.

I can’t wait to go again when Number One is old enough to run around with his brother on the beach and build castles in the sand.

Sometimes we need to escape life for a while and take a break. It has been a while since I posted a blog post, but I will post again whenever I can.

Do you also need a break as the year is almost at it’s end? What do you when you need a break?

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