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Blog Time out facebookWhat is time out?

When you have children, the first meaning that comes to your mind might be “A brief period of time during which a misbehaving child is put on their own so that they can regain control over their emotions” (Oxford Dictionary).

For sport fanatics it can be “A brief break in play in a game or sport”.

When working on an old computer with slow internet you might think about “A cancellation or cessation that automatically occurs when a predefined interval of time has passed without a certain event occurring.”

All of these definitions can be found in the Oxford Dictionary.  The time out I want to talk about is the following one: “Time for rest or recreation away from one’s usual work or studies”.

Saturday morning I had the opportunity for a “time out”.  I was invited to a mommy-only seminar with panna cotta, a charcuterie and fromage platter, a big variety of speakers and many prizes to be won.

I dropped my baby off at his grandparents (without feeling quilty… okay, maybe just a little bit), met some friends and drove together to the venue.

It was such a privilege!  Just being among other mommies with the same struggles and stresses.  We had many great speakers and I learned a lot about baby diet and nutrition, ears, mouth hygiene, most common baby illnesses and many other topics.Blog Time out pinterest

What I will maybe remember most of all is that I am okay.  I get so quickly stressed and always wonder if I am doing enough being a working mom, but I am okay.  I am going to find my rest in God and believe He will fill in the gaps where I make mistakes.






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