Thunder and Grace

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I woke up one night when our dog tried to hide between my bed and night stand. He got stuck in my phone cable and everything fell to the ground. It was raining with hard thunder and lightning; and he was afraid.

I listened to the thunder and rain, washing through the sky like waves, over and over.thunder and grace pin

I am no scientist and I don’t know everything about thunder and electricity, but for me I experienced the greatness of God’s power. Power and might I cannot comprehend nor explain.

And yet I am not afraid. The almighty God who talks with thunder is the same God who loves us enough to send his Son for our salvation.

Seeing His power in the thunder and lightning fills me with awe, but it also reminds me of His great grace and loving-kindness.

PS. Many thanks to my husband. He took this beautiful photo and “borrowed” it to me for this post.

thunder and grace

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