Thinking back… peaceful thoughts

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thinking back

Thinking back about my childhood I remember many things.

The first thing I remember of our house is the big, beautiful garden with “secret” passages where we played; and a big variety of trees. There were two apricot trees, one in which the cat got stuck. My mother had to climb up to rescue it and just as my mother got onto the higher branches of the tree to help kitty, kitty jumped off without any trouble.

I remember the sweet smell of blossoms on the peach trees, bees at the vineyard, the big lemon tree, picking pomegranates… We even had a big “money”-tree. The leaves were our currency and for us money really grew on the tree.

We had an empty farm dam and a tree-house. What made it different than other tree-houses is that it was only a tree… the house was in our imagination. I remember roller-skating and riding bicycle in the street.

I remember the different cars we drove, but especially the Nomad… open and free.

One specific day we went to visit friends on a farm. I remember this as it was just after I got my first diary, and I remember writing it down when we got home.Thinking back

We went home after dark. I was lying on one of the backseats looking up at the cloudy sky. Here and there stars were shining through. I was filled with awe over the greatness of it all, but more than that I remember feeling safe and at peace. Life was good.

I don’t think my parents know the impact my childhood made on me, and in today’s world I can only pray to pass on the same feeling of peace and safety to my child…Thinking back

Do you have a favorite childhood memory? Tell me about it.


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2 thoughts on “Thinking back… peaceful thoughts

  1. Playing dolls with my sister and using blankets and towels as the walls of the dolls’ house… 😉 Life sure was good when we were still small.

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