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I am not very good with cars.  I am one of those people if you ask me what kind of car someone drives the description will be in the color, for example a red one.  If I have to give a better explanation it will be something like a big white car.  I am just as bad with faces, but better with numbers.

One morning on my way to work I struggled to turn into the road.  It was peak time in traffic and no one seemed to give me a gap.  As I looked into the oncoming traffic I saw a car driving slower and slower.  I remember thinking that if it drove more slowly it might just as well stop.  At that moment the lights flashed and I realized the driver is giving me a space to get in the road.  I took the gap, put both indicators on to say thank you, wave as well for in case they didn’t see my indicators and moved to the next lane.

As I looked into the mirror I thought that this little green car looks familiar.  I looked further at the number plate and realized it is my sister’s car.  I didn’t recognize my sister or her car (which used to be my car)!

A few days later I quickly stopped at my parents’ house after work.  My sister was also there.  As I drove home I saw in the mirror a green car coming closer, a little green car.  Recognizing my sister’s car immediately (I don’t make the same mistake twice) I drove a bit slower for her to catch up.  Getting my timing absolutely perfect I pressed the horn of the car, turn my head quickly and waved vigorously.  Can you imaging my surprise when I saw this time it is not my sister, just a stranger staring at me blankly, probably wondering what this crazy lady in the big white car is doing.THE LITTLE GREEN CAR

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