That week at work!

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stress, patients, blessed, thankful,What a week at work! My week at work was filled with a variety of sick people. On the first day it started with a young child with epilepsy. He had about 7 seizures in the few hours that we were busy with him. Another patient had a hole in his throat. There was also an old lady who really struggled to walk and was in severe pain. Another one was vomiting the whole day in spite of various medicine to stop it. Did I mention the man on the wheelchair who cannot move or help himself. All of the patients (except one child) had cancer. And everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

As we helped them on the bed I was reminded how fortunate and blessed I am to be in good health. To be able to lie down flat, lift my arms up, or walk without pain.

I am still thankful to breathe on my own. I told one of my colleagues a while back that I decided if someone would ask me how I was that day, I will not complain about anything. Instead of focusing on how little I slept (Number One is teething again), or on all the pressure and challenges at work (sometimes I complain about work. Did I tell you that I sometimes wait 50min for a parking at work?), I will be thankful that I woke up. Then I will remind myself that I can breathe on my own and walk around without any aid. I also drove to my work in my car after eating breakfast.

My biggest blessing is my family and friends. When I think about my two sons my heart fills with love. My husband is a pillar of strenght and encouragement. I understand that a heart can be full, or overflow with joy.

Sometimes it is easier for me to be positive if I think of the good things in my life. Yes I get tired… sometimes so very tired and that is okay. It will pass. I realize there is always something to be thankful for, and I will keep on reminding myself when things feel dark or out of control.

Do you have a stressful job? How do you deal with it?
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