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French Fridays – Paris on foot

DAY 2 – Monday

Getting a Museum card

My husband left early for work, so that was my first day alone on the metro. Finding the station without any problem I took my seat and watched the other people. Most of them sat with a blank face, but there was a young couple talking excitedly.

My first stop was at the Arc de Triomphe for a museum card. Still a bit afraid of the metro I walked where I wanted to go.
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French Fridays – Arrival in Paris

DAY 1 – Sunday

The airplaneArrival in Paris. French Fridays

I don’t like flying. So it is safe to say even though I was very excited about our planned holiday I was very afraid of getting there. In retrospect there was nothing to complain about and I actually had a good night’s rest on the plane.

We landed on a Sunday morning and got a taxi to take us to the hotel. The hotel where we stayed is located just outside Paris. Continue reading French Fridays – Arrival in Paris