Six things my baby taught me

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I read many books during my pregnancy to prepare me for motherhood, and realized quickly that the books can’t teach you everything.  The more you read the more confused you get.

The big learning starts once your little one arrives.

This is what my baby taught me in his first 12 months.

  1. You cannot control everything. Control what you can, and have faith for the rest.
  2. You cannot protect your little one from everything. Life happens.  Your baby might fall, bump his head or get hurt.  He will get in contact with germs, he might get sick.  You do not have the power to protect him against everything.
  3. Take a moment to relax.  As a new mommy I tried so hard (I still do sometimes), rushing from one thing to another, trying to be prepared for anything the whole time.  It doesn’t work.  Ask help; let go and let God…
  4. Trust your instinct.
  5. Laugh!! Have you heard a little baby laugh from his tummy?  It might be the most beautiful sound.  I started to laugh for silly things again.
  6. Time flies. I can see new development daily and realize that time passes so quickly.  Enjoy every moment.

6 things my baby taught me.I believe there is still so many things he is going to teach me and I am looking forward on this journey together.


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