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Last weekend I had a perfect weekend. I might add “at home”, as our other recent perfect weekend was the weekend we took our baby away for the first time.

blog our perfect weekend pinterest1Our perfect weekend was busy, but started with a relaxed Friday afternoon. On Friday my husband finished early at work so we picked our baby up together and went for a walk in the park.

It is the same park where we watched numerous sunsets together. It is also where my husband proposed many years ago.

Getting out in the fresh air and putting a stop to the city rush works wonders for me.

Saturday morning started early taking our baby for his first haircut. The hairdresser was excellent. Our baby behaved well and I was very proud of him. He looked like a big boy afterwards and I realized he is not a baby anymore.

He also attended his first swimming lesson. It didn’t go that well (with him screaming the whole time), but every time will be better as he gets used to the people. I might add in his defense that he has 2 molars cutting through at the moment, and up to now he didn’t teeth easy.

In between we did some shopping, visited family and found time to do some stuff around the house.

In my experience the amount of time a working mother has available to spend with her children is less than she wishes for. I think about the things we miss every time I drop my baby off at school and wishes for things to be different.

This is why we aim for quality when we spend time together and not only quantity.

blog our perfect weekend facebook1We managed to enjoy a busy weekend, but we had the opportunity to spend time together with loved ones… enjoying life… making memories.

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