Our blessed weekend

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I want to tell you about a weekend we had recently… we were so blessed.

We enjoy being at home on weekends, but this weekend we went away to a game reserve.

Our first blessing was the friendly, helpful staff at arrival. We were upgraded to a big three bedroom chalet instead of the one bedroom we booked, because the air-conditioning in the smaller unit was not working.

The chalet had a view of the game reserve and we could watch the animals grazing.

Blessed weekend

The second big blessing was when two elephants came to entertain us at the fence. They first drank some water, then put up a playful fight before walking away.

Blessed weekend

Not long after that they came back and stood next to the fence eating. We were just sitting and watching them, except for our baby who waved like crazy and clapped his hands excitedly. It was so special.

Blessed weekend

The buffet breakfast the morning was mouth-watering and very delicious.

When we drove through the game reserve we were fortunate to see 2 rhinos, an adult with a baby walking across the road in front of the car. My camera was ready in time to get their back-ends, but then the next blessing happened: the big rhino made a sound at a “tree” (for that is all we could see), and out walks the leopard. What a blessing!

Blessed weekend

Blessed weekend 8

The rest of the weekend went well, we had a good time relaxing, breaking away from the city rush.

Please sit back and enjoy some additional scenery with us.

Blessed weekend 9

Blessed weekend 12

Blessed weekend 1

Blessed weekend 2

Blessed weekend 6

Blessed weekend 11

On the last night it rained… a perfect blessing for a blessed weekend.

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