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Life consists of many memories, incidents that take place at a specific time and space. Some things that happen are big and have a huge impact in our lives. Others are small and almost insignificant, but if you look back at that moment you realize that there were people willing to help you with you little problem. Let me share one of our insignificant incidents with you.

We used to have two cars, an old green car and a very old white 4×4. At a time it really felt as if the green one was falling apart piece by piece.  Every now and then something broke. The petrol gauge didn’t work, so we knew we had to fill it up after driving 500km. One Sunday morning the ignition stopped working, but with the help of YouTube my husband fixed it. Another time it was the battery… and the back door that was jammed… well, the list went on. Today I am going to tell you the story of another Sunday.

It was Father’s day. After church we went to my in-laws to spend the day with them, but we didn’t get very far. On our way the car started to stall as we drove uphill, but downhill went well and we continued to drive very slowly. A few kilometers later we couldn’t go any further and we stopped close to a garage.

Expecting the worst I phoned my sister. She came to pick up Little Captain who was still a little baby by that time, so he wouldn’t have to be in the heat. My husband phoned my brother, who would come with his 4×4 to tow us back to our house.

While we were waiting a thought came into my husband’s mind. He walked back to the garage and bought a litre of petrol just to see if it makes a difference… and indeed it worked! As my brother arrived, we were busy filling up the car. We had a great laugh about it… how many people does it take to fill up a car!

We try to plan everything and be in control, but sometimes we get tired and forget to do simple things. It is good to learn to laugh about everyday life, but for me it is also a reminder that we are surrounded by people that cares, in the big challenges that life throws at us as well as the small ones.

Do you laugh about the little things in life?

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