Motivation in May

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Motivation in May. www.mommakingmemories.comMay was a bit more difficult for me than the previous 4 months of 2017. As you know we received our Number One in January so in May it was time for me to go back to work. To add up to that winter is slowly crawling closer. Although the days are still sunny and (mostly) hot, the mornings and nights are cool.

My motivation

I realized I needed some motivation to wake up early every morning. So I first had to look what is the meaning of the word motivation. They most general one is that it is the reason for acting in a certain way; and then it was easy to decide… my two little blessings (my children) would be my motivation. I don’t enjoy my job everyday, but I have to work to give them a better future; if they are my motivation it might get easier. They will be my motivation to start a healthier lifestyle (which is more difficult in winter when it is dark and cold). They will also be my motivation to be a better person; to have more peace in the house; and fun and laughter. Of course my salary can also be my motivation to go to work; or being healthy for a healthier lifestyle… but changing my point of view might make it easier.

Motivation behind Mom Making Memories

As you might already know one of my dreams is to write. I also write to process things that happen in our everyday life. But the reason to put my writing on the website in the form of a blog is with a hope to encourage other women on the same journey. I believe everyone has a different piece of life’s puzzle and I want to share mine so we can put all the pieces together for a bigger picture. I also want to connect to other women, sharing experiences and laughing together.

What happened on the blog in May?

As you know April has been a very productive month on the blog with many small accomplishments. May started with a reflection of my time in ICU with a great reminder to take one day at a time in difficult times. I also remembered my visit in Paris a few years ago, with a beautiful view over Paris from the Notre Dame and our trip to Versailles. Although words cannot convey all the gratitude and appreciation, I attempted to write a letter to my mother on mother’s day and ended the month with our experience of the Baby Throne.

Something new that is also happening on this blog is the Afrikaans category for the Afrikaans mothers. Although you already met my sons here, you can also meet them in Afrikaans.

How was your May? What motivates you to do what you have to do?

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