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mom vs dad facebookI have read much books and watch many different dvd’s on the difference between men and women… mom vs dad. One of my favorites is “Laugh your way to a better marriage” by Mark Gungor. The series starts with “A tale of two brains”, and it is so funny. A book I enjoyed a lot is “Men are like waffles women are like spaghetti”, by Bill and Pam Farrel.

I definitely don’t know everything about my husband, but I thought I understood  his thinking pattern after pre-marriage counselling, personality tests and all this dvd’s and books. If you read “My husband, the entertainer” you might understand a bit about the personality gap between us.

Before I continue I have to say I have an excellent husband who helps me a lot with our baby. I wouldn’t be able to do everything without him.

Last week on one very busy morning before work (he dresses the baby while I finish for work), I forgot to take out clothes for baby, so he got to plan the baby’s outfit for the day.

Dropping baby off at school I see the colors of the clothes don’t fit, not at all. If I choose the clothes I look for the same colors or patterns.

When I asked him why he chose the camouflage pants with the blue shirt he answered because they fit together. I really did not understand until he explained: the shirt had a dinosaur on, so in order for baby to look for dinosaurs he has to be camouflaged, thus the camouflage pants.

I would never choose the two together, but his argument makes sense in a way. Maybe that is why the Lord created men and women so different to keep everyday life colorful and interesting. Maybe the Lord knew I need my husband to broaden my horizon, making me see things differently  every now and versus dad

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