Memories in March

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memories in march

In March I took time to look back at my life and remember. My childhood was filled with so many happy moments… resulting in happy memories.

This month I remembered being happy and at peace as a child, playing outside, reading books. We grew up with a love for books and I am thankful for that.

Both my grandfathers were very musical and a love for music was also instilled into us since birth. My parents introduced us to a variety of music. I remember going to the closest (bigger) city once a week; my mother taught us many valuable lessons with Jim Reeves singing in the background. We played pool on Vanilla Ice, Cat Stevens, Queen and Simon & Garfunkel. Bach, Beethoven and Vivaldi were no strangers to us. My first CD was of Andrew Lloyd Weber. When we were older we made our own tapes with music and took turns listening to everyone’s when we went on holiday… Rod Steward, Bryan Adams, BZN, Bonny Tyler, Celine Dion…

I have happy memories of my father’s parents as well as my mother’s parents, and I realize the privilege to be loved by so many remarkable people. I find comfort in the fact that we will see them all again one day in heaven.

It is important to look back sometimes and remember; looking forward to the future also has its place; but we should live in the present. I realized that time goes by quickly and we should make the most of our time with our loved ones… we should buy out our time… and make memories.Join me for my walk down memory lane as I look at memories in March.

In April you can look forward to my new series: “FRENCH FRIDAYS“. Please join me as I share my favorite photos and memories from my trip to Paris a few years back. This series will start on 8 April and I am looking forward to share it with you.

What are you planning for April? Are you looking forward to something specific?

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