Marching through March

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One of the meanings of the word “march” is to walk quickly and with determination. I guess that is how I feel if I have to describe the month March… we walked through it quickly and with determination.

The past few weeks we were determined to make quality time for Little Captain, as everything in the house revolves around keeping Number One happy (after all Number One is only 2 and a half months old). Little Captain should either be quiet if his brother is sleeping, or entertain himself when his brother is crying and need our attention. So our weekends were planned out… we visited a model train station with rides for the children (and adults). We also took him to ride on a pony. Normally he would be scared of any animal bigger that our little dog, but he enjoyed the pony and wanted to go again. We also enjoyed a picnic in our backyard, and visited friends with children for him to play with. There were also had a few birthday celebrations in February and March.

March was also the month I resumed my blog after a 10 month break. I really enjoy writing. It helps me to think things through and process everything that happens in my life. I sometimes still think about my experience in ICU and try to remember the good things that came out of it, you will read more about it in future posts. You also met Little Captain and his Number One, my two adorable sons. It really fills my heart just thinking about them.

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Next month you can look forward to see another side of my husband and also get some tips from a supermom on how to survive everyday life between work, home and two busy children.

How did March treat you? Did it also went by quickly or could you find time to breathe and enjoy the moment?

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8 thoughts on “Marching through March

  1. Welcome back 🙂 I want to March right out of this month. My son has had tick bite fever, my Dad’s getting divorced. There have been other family dramas and I’m desperately trying to sever legal ties to an animal rescue org since finding out that the owner is a liar and possibly worse. Feel like I’ve gone through the month in one long panic attack

  2. March has been a “march” for me as well! Happy to hear you’re blogging again. Hope the respite was a blessing and that you continue to enjoy the Lord and your family through writing!

  3. Sula, I am sorry your March was so stressful. Hope you sort things out. It does get better. March marched by so quickly for me, I blinked and it was over! Looking forward to April. It’s lovely that you consider Little Captain’s feelings so carefully. Often the new baby consumes so much of mom and dad’s time, the older siblings feel left out. It seems to me that you are a very tight-knit family unit and therefore Little Cap won’t feel left out at all.

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