Little Captain’s Ark

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dinosaurs in the ark. Little captain.Every night when we go to bed I read Little Captain a story from a children’s bible. As we finished one bible the night before and I was too tired to read I decided to tell him the story again of the creation.

I started by telling him that God made everything, and He did it by speaking and saying “let there be light”, etc. We started with light and darkness, followed by the sun and moon. Then oceans, fish, birds and animals followed. I just mentioned anything I could think of as I couldn’t remember the correct order of things.

Suddenly he interrupted me, saying: “The dinosaurs were too big to fit into the ark. The baby dinosaurs could fit in, but their mommy dinosaurs would miss them.” I smiled at his innocence and imagination.

They say it doesn’t matter how hard your day is, a photo of your children will always make you smile. That is true, but we don’t even always need a photo. Thinking of them has the same result, and I thank God for blessing me with my two precious children.

What makes you smile?

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Sharing is caring

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