Leaving work at work

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leaving work at work, stress, pressureThere is value in keeping work at work when leaving for home. I am very fortunate not to take any work home, but what I didn’t realize is that I take the pressure and stress home.

The friendly, patient me gets replaced with a tired, complaining mom with too much to do in too little time. It all happens in the 3km between the work and the school.

I already shared about some of the pressures at work. Certain weeks that need a lot of planning and the chaos when it doesn’t work out. Patients that are really sick, sharing their experiences and stories with me also influence my mood. Luckily it doesn’t happen every day, but when it does I need to try to get rid of the stress and pressure before I pick up my kids.

It will be my new challenge. Somewhere in the car work-related emotions need to disappear and be replaced with patience and joy; especially when Little Captain tells me the same story again (and again), or if Number One goes on an exploration adventure through the house.

How do I plan to do it?

I might make a list of priorities; not only of what should be done, but also on what is important at home.

A healthy lifestyle will also help me to cope better. It is still a challenge for me, but we are making small changes at a time.

There is not too much I can do in the car between work and school, but I will try to find something to laugh about, ask God’s help in the situation, or listen (and sing) to good music.

How do you handle the pressure of life?
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