It can happen to you too

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It can happen to you tooSometimes it is easy to react on a specific incident (especially if someone made a mistake), not thinking it can happen to you too.

After finishing my studies I moved into an apartment with a friend.  We also worked together and preferred working night duty.  We had a whole routine that we did in the mornings.  Not every morning, but maybe two or three times a week.  It would start with a coffee or breakfast at a restaurant that opens early.  Then we would do some grocery shopping, planning the meals for the day and the next night.  By that time all the shops would be open and on special occasions we would start some window shopping.  After this we would go to the apartment and get some sleep before waking up for work.

On one of these very long mornings the phone rang just as I fell asleep.  It was my sister.  She accidentally locked her keys in the car and wanted me to bring the spare set.  I was tired and grumpy, complaining all the way to my parents’ house to get the spare set and all the way to a coffee shop close to the university where she was.

I started the speech when I climbed out of the car:  How is it possible to lock your keys in the car?  Don’t you look and make sure you have it?  And then I started with:  I am working night duty, I have to sleep.  And I do love my sleep.

So I gave her the keys and as I closed my car door to walk with her to her car, I saw my keys hanging in the ignition…the door locked!

I was furious with myself.

I ended up joining her for coffee, and then we drove back to my parents’ house to get my spare car keys before she took me back to get my car.


There was not much time left to sleep before my shift started, but I got to help her and spend some quality time with my sister that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

If I knew before the time that it would work out great my reaction would be very different.  Next time I will remind myself, “it can happen to you too.”





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Sharing is caring

2 thoughts on “It can happen to you too

  1. Yes this has happened to me too. Once I was close to home and just walked to get the spare. Another time at the ballet! My husband was furious! We had to wait for the AA but we go to chat to a mom of a ballerina.

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