In Loving Memory

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Loving memory

I had so many plans for my last post of 2017, many drafts written up; but something was missing and I didn’t post it. And then I received the news.
My uncle died today. He is not the only person we lost in 2017, but the most recent. I know he is at a better place, but my heart aches and I know I will miss him.

My memories of him are fond ones, and if I close my eyes I see his soft smile and loving eyes. I hear his voice in my thoughts and I know his place on earth will be empty.

I received the news after a hailstorm and when my husband called me and the children a bit later it was to witness the magnificent clouds gleaming as the sun went down.

It was then that I realized once again that life out there is bigger than us. In my heartache there is beauty and something greater around us. Somewhere a baby was born today and someone got married. Some kind of harmony and balance in life.

As the new year approaches I know there will be good things and sad things in 2018, but we will be okay. When I look back after another 365 days I will forget the sad things but remember the people who will always be part of our memories.

May you have a blessed new year, filled with love and laughter.

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