Happily ever after

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happily ever after

I want to tell you a story.

Unlike other fairytales there isn’t a princess, knight, dragon, witch or magic… but there is a boy and a girl, life’s troubles and true Love.

Once upon a time there was a girl, not a princess, not a servant, just a normal everyday girl.

There was also a boy, living in the city, looking for a church to call “home”.

On one Wednesday night, with “fate” at their side, they ended up in a bible study group together and their fairytale began…

As all fairytales they fell in love and got married, but here is the thing about happily ever after… it takes hard work… everyday.

My husband doesn’t like it if a woman says the wedding day is the most important day of her life, because life doesn’t end there. Such a woman limits herself as nothing can then be better afterwards and she has reached ultimate happiness in one day.

It is rather the beginning of a new adventure with her husband, a life-long commitment, putting your spouse’s needs before your own, working together as a team.

The only other Team-member allowed in a marriage is God, and He is a necessity.

He showed us perfect Love, and only through this Love can love for one another grow deeper every day.

happily ever after

I thank God for my husband. Through life’s challenges we grow daily closer together, holding on to God and one another… and live happily ever after.

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