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At work we normally have one week of chaos a month.  This week requires a lot of precise planning; and a lot of stress due to various patient and technical factors.

While working in that specific week I realized that my personality changes into one I am not very proud of.  Everything needs to happen quickly and there is no time to wait for something.  I become more robot-like with less time to be nice to everyone, running around most of the week.  If everything happens as planned, the changes in my personality is not as drastic as when Murphy visits us and everything that can go wrong goes wrong.

On one specific day I meditated on peace the morning, asking the Lord to help me experience His peace throughout the day.  At work it seemed as if everyone that wanted to pick a fight, picked me!  Colleagues, patients, visitors… everyone!  One of them was so rude that one of the doctors who heard it apologized because the patient was so rude.  The patient did have a point and reason to complain, but it was not something I could do anything about.

At first I became stressed about it, trying to explain and understand, but before long I saw the pattern and decided not to become angry or upset about it.  I read a verse on peace I wrote down the morning.  It really helped me to stay calm throughout the day.  At the end of the day my terminator-smile turned real.

My dad once told me to grow where I am planted.  We cannot control everything, and we cannot always change anything about it, but we can make the best of the situation we are in and grow where we are planted.

Are you also planted in a place where you need to grow a bit? Tell me about it.

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Grow where you are planted.
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