Good old days

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When Little Captain was a few months old my sister sent me an eye-opening message. It went along the following lines: “you have a new-born for one month, a baby for one year, a toddler for 2 years, etc.” I think it is followed by a pre-schooler and continues until they are finished with school. It hit me hard that every stage of our children’s life is very short and that our time with them is limited.

Since then I started to embrace every moment together. Little Captain didn’t sleep through yet at 2 and a half years; he also wanted one of us to be with him when he fell asleep. Instead of thinking how tired I was or what I could’ve done in that time (there really is always something to be done when you are a working mom… actually any kind of mom), I cherished that moment for I knew there would come a time where he would be alone.

Children need to learn independence, but sometimes they also need to be just loved. I will hug and hold my sons as long as they fit in my arms. We will snuggle and smile; love and laugh together as long as they allow me. I know even though we might be too tired to enjoy it to the fullest extent now, one day we will long for these days.

One afternoon I was watching Little Captain play in the garden. I sent my father a photo and he replied: “I know you are tired, but one day you will look back on these memories as the good old days.” Life is good and I am grateful for everything in my life.

Let us also look back on Mom Making Memories and see what you might have missed since winter. The French Fridays series came to an end with the last two posts: Another day exploring Paris on foot and my last day in Paris which included fireworks at the Eiffel Tower!

A parrot flew right into our hearts and home for a few weeks. You can read about that experience in Afrikaans and English.

After few months off the blog I made the decision to make more time to write again. You can read about that in Afrikaans. We also took a break from work and went on holiday for a week. I guess that is all part of my good old days.

Do you look back on the good old days? What does your good old days look like?

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