French Fridays – A quick trip in Montmarte

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DAY 4 – Wednesday


Montmarte is a large hill in Paris, it is also the place where you can find the magnificent Sacre Couer.

Yesterday I went museum-hunting so, when my husband arrived we went to Montmarte. We talked about the movies Amélie and Moulin Rouge, as we went to see the Moulin Rouge as well. I enjoyed seeing the places in real life.

Sacre Couer. Montmarte. Paris

Moulin Rouge. Paris

Moulin Rouge

Our budget didn’t allow us to enter Moulin Rouge, so we just looked from outside.

Moulin Rouge


Sacre Couer

We walked through the streets and slowly walked up the stairs at Sacre Couer. It was breath-taking!

Sacre Couer. Montmarte. Paris

View from Sacre Couer. Paris

We went down with the little train and walked through the street vendors. I bought 13 little Eiffel tower keyrings.French Fridays. Montmarte. Paris

As I was going through all my things from the holiday while preparing this series, I came across two of the little Eiffel tower keyrings that I have left. Sometimes I buy things and am too sentimental to use it.

Do you like buying little mementos of the places you visit? Do you ever use it or display it somewhere?

Join me next week when I explored some smaller museums.

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2 thoughts on “French Fridays – A quick trip in Montmarte

  1. I loved Montmarte! And yes, ive bought so many trinkets for friends like glass rings from Venice and then Keep them, cause they meant too much to me. #embarrassedtoasmitthat

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