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Check out this free resources. www.mommakingmemories.comEvery year starts on a clean page, but life gets busy quickly. Somewhere during the year I start to miss birthdays and things get all mixed up. This is why I designed these resources, to help me (and you if you are interested) to be more organized, living a life with less-stress.

According to the Free Dictionary by Farlex, one of the definitions of the word “organized” is “functioning in an orderly way or according to a plan”. By this definition it is difficult to be organized if you don’t have a plan to follow. This is the reason behind this weekly planner and weekly cleaning routine. If you combine that with the to-do list and shopping list it can really help you to simplify your life.

With this birthday calendar you will not miss any important birthdays or anniversaries.

We live in a era where technology advances quickly and everything is available on our smartphones, but I guess I am a bit old-fashioned when it comes to lists. Firstly I love lists! I want to write them… on paper with a pen. And I want to tick them off (or scratch them through) when it is done.

The gratitude list is a place to write everything you are grateful for to put things back in perspective, while the bucket list can be used to write down all the things you still want to do in your life, places you want to see, things you want to experience…

You can also find this 7 Bible verses to encourage you when you feel unworthy.

To put it all together you will find the following on this page:

My hope is that this free resources will help you with your organization and planning in your busy everyday life. I will expand the resources as time goes by.

Why don’t you have a look and tell me what other free resources you want me to add to this page?

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