Every morning is a new opportunity

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Each day is a new opportunity. www.mommakingmemories.com

On Friday morning I woke up with the sound of rain.  Water pouring down on a thirsty world, thunder lighting up a dark night.

The rain cleared up before I left for work, and I could hear birds singing as the sun rises, declaring a new day.

I was the best mood ever, feeling better than a long time.

My first patient was an elderly woman, living alone in a small apartment after her husband died.  She told me how she got to the hospital.

The previous week she fell in her apartment.  Unable to get up again she managed to drag her body over the cold tiles to her bedroom.  Lying on the floor throughout the cold winter’s night she heard her phone ring, her daughter checking on her.  The next morning the phone rang again, and again at night.  She was only found the day after that when her children had the time to come.  As I couldn’t find any other words than “I am so sorry”, I just kept quiet as my heart cried for her.

This is the story of so many older people.

I remember the story of when my grandmother fell.  When she couldn’t get up she called her neighbor.  “Joey I fell!”, and instead of coming to help her she just answered back, “so stand up!”  This calling back and forth was repeated for a while before help arrived for my grandmother.  With her knee crushed her life was never the same after that.

Slowly my mood began to change after this and when I got home I was irritated with everything, all the beauty of the morning forgotten.

I guess this is why you need the correct balance between home and work.  Someone told me the story of a man “hanging” all his work problems on the tree in front of his house before entering.  By doing this he keeps his work problems from influencing his home environment.

That night it rained again.  The next morning everything was clean and fresh.  I was reminded that His mercies are new every morning.

Every day we start with a new opportunity.  We can’t choose what will happen, but we can adjust our attitudes.

What do you do to remind you that every morning is a new opportunity?

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Each day is a new opportunity. www.mommakingmemories.com
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