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French Fridays – Versailles

Versailles in Paris.

DAY 8 – Sunday

In our time in Paris we didn’t see the countryside of France or EuroDisney, but we saw Versailles. I think it can take two days if you want to see everything properly.

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French Fridays – Up and down the Notre Dame

French Fridays. Up and down the Notre Dame.

DAY 7 – Saturday

My family went back to London early that morning and we didn’t get to see them. We wanted to experience the splendor of Versailles, but tried to skip the queues and go through someone. Unfortunately that was very expensive and the lady could only help us late that day, so we went to check it out by ourselves. Continue reading French Fridays – Up and down the Notre Dame

French Fridays – Familiar Faces

French fridaysDAY 6 – Friday

I woke up very excited. I was very fortunate to meet some family in Paris today. My mom, grandmother, aunt and cousin went on a tour through Europe and their time in Paris was overlapping mine.  Continue reading French Fridays – Familiar Faces

French Fridays – More museums

DAY 5 – Thursday

I had to go to as many museums as possible to get my money’s worth with the museum card.

I started to get more comfortable with the Metro system and changed a few trains to the Pompidou area. As I exited there were so many directions with things to see and decided to start with Picasso museum. I struggled a little bit to find the place (yes, with a map and compass! 🙂 ), but it was a beautiful walk there. Continue reading French Fridays – More museums

French Fridays – A quick trip in Montmarte

DAY 4 – Wednesday


Montmarte is a large hill in Paris, it is also the place where you can find the magnificent Sacre Couer.

Yesterday I went museum-hunting so, when my husband arrived we went to Montmarte. We talked about the movies Amélie and Moulin Rouge, as we went to see the Moulin Rouge as well. I enjoyed seeing the places in real life.

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French Fridays – Museum hunting

DAY 3 – Tuesday

I woke up during the night with a sore throat. I struggled to wake up and my day started a bit later than usual, but I decided to do some museum hunting.

Musée Rodin

I went to Musée Rodin. Although it is a small museum I was glad I took the time to visit it. The Thinker and Gates of Hell in the garden were magnificent.

The Thinker at Rodin Museum in Paris France

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