Bath time is fun-time with Acornkids Bathpops

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Bath time is fun-time with Acornkids Bathpops.

Little Captain loved water since he was little, but then he suddenly decided he didn’t want to bath anymore. A friend told us they have the same problem with their son who is a few months older than Little Captain. What they do is to let him bath a toy animal (you can try your pet, but it might get a bit messy) so we tried it. It worked… for a while. I remembered about my stash Acornkids products that we used with my nephews and took out the Bathpops.

Before I continue I first want to say that I am a dealer at Acornkids and will receive a commission if you purchase any products through the link provided. I will never promote a product if I do not believe in it or if I don’t use it for my family. You are also under no obligation to buy anything from this link.

What is Bathpops?

Bathpops is fun and colourful  foam shapes that comes in little capsules. You simply place the capsule in warm water and watch as the foam shapes emerge.

  1. Acornkids Bathpops.

There are many different types of bathpops available:

  • Birds
  • Bugs
  • Cindy and the glass slipper
  • Dinosaur
  • Fantasy
  • Farm animals
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Jack and the beanstalk
  • Monsters and aliens
  • Mr Acorn
  • Miss Acorn
  • Pirates
  • Sea ‘n Sand
  • Space
  • Transport
  • Wild animals

I had a big set where they were all mixed so it really was a surprise what we were going to get. I threw it in the water while it was still running in (as it takes a few minutes to dissolve). Little Captain was delighted as the mystery shapes appeared!

At this moment I “bribe” Little Captain with the Bathpops to go and bath and it works every time! I can’t wait to try out the other unique and amazing products with him.

Why Acornkids?

As I really believe in the Acornkids products, I dedicated a whole blogpost to tell you who they are and why I use their products. You can check out my blogpost about it here.

You can check out the Acornkids products and specials at, or like their Facebook page to see monthly specials.

What do you do to coerce your little ones to bath when they don’t want to?

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