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Ons avontuur

AvontuurOns avontuur het begin lank voor ons op die vliegtuig geklim het. Dalk was die drome om veilig in ‘n klein dorpie te bly in ons harte nog voor die besluit geneem is. Elke persoon se besluit is anders en so ook ons redes. Party mense verstaan, maar ander oordeel. Dis okay. Ons is elkeen besig om ons eie lewe te leef en sal eendag die vrugte van ons besluite eet. Continue reading Ons avontuur

That week at work!

stress, patients, blessed, thankful,What a week at work! My week at work was filled with a variety of sick people. On the first day it started with a young child with epilepsy. He had about 7 seizures in the few hours that we were busy with him. Another patient had a hole in his throat. There was also an old lady who really struggled to walk and was in severe pain. Another one was vomiting the whole day in spite of various medicine to stop it. Did I mention the man on the wheelchair who cannot move or help himself. All of the patients (except one child) had cancer. And everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Continue reading That week at work!

Leaving work at work

leaving work at work, stress, pressureThere is value in keeping work at work when leaving for home. I am very fortunate not to take any work home, but what I didn’t realize is that I take the pressure and stress home.

Continue reading Leaving work at work